September 20 2022

Croke Park



September 20 2022

Croke Park

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About the Connected Cities & Towns Summit 2022

The Connected Cities & Towns Summit 2022 will bring together thought leaders from across government, industry and academia to discuss how smart and connected cities in Ireland and around the world are accelerating the outcomes from technology and data investments to enhance a city’s liveability, workability and sustainability. Our cities need sustainable planning and investment to ensure that they can absorb a significant scale of development, keep their essential character and ensure quality of life.

The Summit will hear the latest insights, tips and trends from expert speakers covering themes including the future of towns and cities, smart mobility, meta-trends, smart health, economic forecasting, smart energy, digital and technological innovations. It will explore environmental and economic issues – how technology can help build a greener, more sustainable and more resilient city region to improve liveability and competitiveness.
You will hear about emerging trends and opportunities in transport and mobility including electric vehicles, micromobility, connected and autonomous vehicles. Smart cities must also focus on air, rail, road and sea travel to reduce congestion and enable efficient logistic networks.
The lifeblood of a smart city, data and connectivity power, enables everything from digital twins, fibre networks and the Internet of Things. It relies on the likes of 4G and 5G, cloud and edge computing, analytics, AI and machine learning. How is Ireland measuring up in its rollout of connectivity networks and national digital transformation strategies?

Our expert speakers will discuss community engagement, the digital divide and how we can tackle the nuanced barriers to digital equity. What educational programmes can be used to get more people involved in the conversation about how technology shapes the places we live?
The Summit, brought to you by Business Post LIVE and iQuest, will be live and in-person in Croke Park Stadium. So, join us on 20 September for insightful and stimulating discussions on how fast-paced digital transformation with citizens and sustainability at its centre will ensure a bright future for our increasingly connected society.

  • Emerging trends and opportunities
  • Investing in data
  • Accelerating the outcomes
  • Digital transformation
  • Smart technologies to improve liveability and competitiveness
  • Transforming transport
  • Smart mobility
  • Developing the national cycle network
  • Build back smarter – construction projects and energy systems
  • Smart districts
  • Creating a greener, more sustainable and more resilient city region
  • Community engagement
  • The digital divide
  • Reimagining how we work
  • Connected health and wellbeing
  • Regional and international connectivity
  • Upgrading the infrastructure to enhance 5G connectivity
  • Cloud and edge computing
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Test bedding of IoT technologies and solutions
  • The security risks of smart cities

Who should attend


  • Senior management from local and central government sectors
  • Relevant policy-makers and advisors in national and local government
  • Engineers, technicians, communications professionals, business developers 
  • Ecologists, planners and project managers
  • CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and other senior IT executives
  • Sustainability, engineering & finance managers
  • Industry representative groups
  • Academics and researchers
  • Economic and management consultants
  • Business owners, directors and managers
  • Digital construction professionals
  • Technology providers
  • Infrastructure project leaders
  • Build and design professionals
  • Financiers and investors
  • Legal professionals
  • Recruitment companies









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