Leveraging technology and innovation to tackle identified regional and local challenges


September 28 2022

Croke Park

Leveraging technology and innovation to tackle identified regional and local challenges

September 28, 2021, Croke Park, Dublin
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About the Connected Cities & Towns Summit 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed how connected cities & towns managers and digital leaders think about their strategy. The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the need to digitally transform our cities and towns, thus ensuring technology and connectivity will play an even bigger role in digital planning as we move forward.

Equally, many urban areas are seeing a decline in the use of their infrastructure. As a result, many smaller and rural towns need to provide connectivity – and fast – as the work from home era continues to grow and evolve. Furthermore, both crisis and resilience planning, as well as safety and security now feature highly at the forefront of digital strategy more than ever before.

So as we begin to shape a “post-pandemic” smart world for our citizens – how can we effectively leverage digital technologies and systems, strengthen our governance and invest in a future-proofed infrastructure to enable transformation and innovation?

It is against this background that we are hosting the Connected Cities & Towns Summit, to bring together both the public and private sector to discuss the future of our cities and towns. The Summit will be attended by practitioners, city and town policymakers & administrators, infrastructure operators, digital champions, CEOs, MDs and other industry leaders to delve into current and emerging best practices. 

  • The funding and financing mechanisms for smart cities and towns
  • What do cities and towns need to do to secure investment and developments on track?
  • How has the pandemic affected priority areas for connected city strategy and investment?
  • How to use real time data to inform decision making
  • A review of international models of excellence 
  • What are some of the key areas that smart city technologies can be used for the recovery of the post-pandemic cities and towns?
  • The smart way to develop cities and towns in the future – what technology, funding and investment is needed?
  • Lessons learnt from global smart city responses to the challenges faced throughout the pandemic 
  • Effective and efficient cities: why does real-time data hold the key? 
  • How can we track the shifts in connectivity requirements as people continue to work from home outside the city and/or begin to return to the office?
  • How Internet of Things (IoT) will be used in smart environments
  • How IoT will be leveraged to enable smart buildings and smart cities, post-COVID-19

Who should attend?

  • Senior management from local and central government sectors such as planning, urban development, infrastructure, ICT and sustainability
  • Relevant policy-makers and advisors in national and local government
  • CEOs, CIOs and other senior IT executives from the tech industry
  • Senior decision-makers in telecoms and broadband
  • Economic and management consultants
  • Financiers and investors
  • Legal professionals

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